Black Mirror Reflection: Social Politics

Social Politics
By Arien Canales

Politics is heavily discussed in the media. Many individuals have an opinion about the new president and his policies, and they confidently voice their opinions.

However, many individuals are not fully educated on political issues and do not take time to research the issues they feel strongly about. For example, celebrities have stated women in the Middle East have more rights than women in the United States.

The growing problem of one-sided opinions is a topic addressed in my episode. The characters use a social media app on cellular devices to control the government.

The citizens have the power to vote in elections and control policies using the app. Terms such as “fake news” are used frequently in this episode. However, the opinions and control citizens have over the government will start to negatively impact the country, and it will self-destruct.

There are two versions of the app that citizens use to vote on different policies – one for each major political party. This story conveys the party divide.

One main news outlet projects from all cellular devices, but the news on the two apps is very different because it is based on the opinions of members of the two different political parties.

The differing news will begin to cause conflict, citizens become angry, and another civil war breaks out.

The main character is an unbiased individual who recognizes this unhealthy divide and wants to find a way to destroy it and unify the country. The plan ultimately fails because the differences in opinions between the two political parties are too strong.

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