What are your thoughts about ‘Playtest’?

In  Playtest, we see a character who is unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy, truth and fiction, because of the media technology he is using. Is this a problem today in any way? Could it be a problem in the future? How? "There have been numerous stories of kids, and even adults, who decided …

What does ‘White Bear’ say about society?

What does White Bear say about society today and in the near future? "This concept was the most interesting to me because it utilized vigilante justice. This is a tale as old as time. Think the Coliseum, crucifictions, public hangings. These all promoted violence to a public that craved it. It's interesting we might look …

‘Nosedive’ depicts a culture controlled by social media

By Matthew Thompson The Netflix original series "Black Mirror" has become one of my all time favorite shows. The series recently released its third and latest season that begins with the episode Nosedive. "Black Mirror" can be described as a sci-fi, high-tech series that explores how some of humanity's greatest innovations may collide with human …

Social media is about manipulating others to think your life is flawless

By Madison Rettig Nosedive is eye-opening, and I truly can see something of that nature becoming real life because of where social media is already heading. Everyone already basis their whole lives off of social media, posting pictures to show that they have fun on the weekends or that they go on luxurious vacations. Relating …

Technology will not replace the basic instinct of human interaction

As a whole, I'm not fond of this show. It seems a bit much to me. That's exactly how I feel about this episode too. I don't want my lack of interest in this show or the entire series to convey that I don't appreciate the overall message. I think what the writers have created is a brilliant idea drawn from our obsession with technology. So I suppose it may be confusing that I don't like the show.

The beauty of life is authenticity

After watching the Nosedive episode of "Black Mirror," I was astounded by how well the producers depicted the futuristic world to become. This episode was about the effects social media has had on its consumers. As soon as I started watching it, I thought this couldn't be the way we act. However, I was wrong. Sadly, we as humans tend to "rate" people based on first glance.

The future may result in no true social interaction

The first episode of "Black Mirror" will have you thinking in several different ways. Growing up, we have always seen aspects of the "future" in many movies, comics, and TV shows. We are so technologically advanced that many of us are left wondering, "What is next?" It would be shocking if the human race could manage to get even more dependent on tech, but new things are always coming.

Review of Hated in the Nation

I decided to review my favorite episode of the Netflix series "Black Mirror." Hated in the Nation is my personal favorite for several reasons, and I believe it says a lot about the (theoretical) future influence of technology and the media on our lives.