‘White Bear’ violates NPPA Code of Ethics

Most episodes of "Black Mirror" are a little disturbing, and “White Bear” is no exception. At first, it seems like a dystopia or post-apocalyptic world. After some reflection, I think what is often the most unsettling thing about the “White Bear” episode and so many other episodes of "Black Mirror" is you are kind of going through the experience with the character.


‘White Bear’ calls for examination of ethics in entertainment and justice

"Black Mirror's" "White Bear" episode was certainly one of the darker episodes of the series. I watched it late at night, and it left me feeling unsettled until I fell asleep. I think the episode really reflects hyperbolized, but possible, versions of our society.

‘Nosedive’ depicts a culture controlled by social media

By Matthew Thompson The Netflix original series "Black Mirror" has become one of my all time favorite shows. The series recently released its third and latest season that begins with the episode Nosedive. "Black Mirror" can be described as a sci-fi, high-tech series that explores how some of humanity's greatest innovations may collide with human …

Social media is about manipulating others to think your life is flawless

By Madison Rettig Nosedive is eye-opening, and I truly can see something of that nature becoming real life because of where social media is already heading. Everyone already basis their whole lives off of social media, posting pictures to show that they have fun on the weekends or that they go on luxurious vacations. Relating …