Black Mirror Reflection: The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date
By Ashton Rawls

In 2060, a group of sorority girls are having a difficult time finding a date for their last formal before they graduate and go off to space school. So they decide to order a hologram date with their touchscreen computers using the website Perfect Date.

They select their date’s height, hair color, eye color, skin color and other physical attributes. They type in their interests, such music, hobbies, major, etc., and the site creates a date with similar interests.

The girls then press a button that says “Create my date,” and within seconds, their perfect date appears.

He is a hologram, but has real features. You can touch him, and he feels human. He can talk and do everything a real human can do. There’s only one rule. He can’t get wet.

It’s raining the night of the formal, and the girls are concerned because they don’t want people to know their perfect dates are holograms.

They take every precaution to make sure none of their dates is touched by even a drop of water as they walk to the car, and then from the car to the formal.

Everyone is successful except, Jessica, whose date is splashed with water as a car drives by. He becomes completely soaked, revealing to everyone that her perfect date, who everyone loved the entire night, was a fake person.


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