Black Mirror Reflection: An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day
By Alexis Elmore

In 2035, humans have given up their rights to a familiar corporation, Apple. Over the years, the company has fed the public’s tech addictions, and the entire world has become slave to the company.

News of the latest iPhone upgrade permeates all forms of social media and television. Apple runs the world, and the company has all power over the government and its people, making citizens stay updated on their latest products or face consequences.

As usual, the masses flood to their nearest Apple store while police, dressed in armor with the Apple logo plated to their chests, patrol the streets to make sure every citizen is in order.

Billey, a boy wise beyond his years, refuses to rely on technology. He has promised himself that the next time the update comes out, he will ignore it.

Approximately six hours after he should have updated his Apple device, Billey begins to wind down for bed when his door is kicked in. Caught completely off guard when the break-in occurs, he has no idea the Apple police are his attackers.

After glancing at the Apple-plated logo glowing on one officer’s chest, Billey blacks out. When he awakens, every limb is handcuffed to a post in a dark room. He assumes he has been drugged.

A woman dressed in a pantsuit with a grim smile enters from a tunnel. “Hello Billey,” she says.” We’ve been watching you very closely for years waiting for you to finally break out.”

Confused and delirious, he can only muffle nonsense. Billey is imprisioned for failing to update his Apple device, and Apple tries to figure out why he is not brainwashed by their technology like everyone else

Billey struggles with hope of eescaping the Apple prison, but he can’t get anyone to listen to him on his Apple device because everyone except him has the upgrade.

The scientists tell him they want to implant a microchip in his brain, and they will let him go. Billey refuses to give in to their tech brainwashing tactics and finds another dissenting prisoner like himself to help him break out.

Sara, who is being held in the same building, tells Billey they can escape to a secret place with no technology. They leave before dawn, steal a boat and get to the location.

When they arrive, it’s paradise for Billey, and he can’t believe he will finally be able to live the life he’s always imagined – tech free.

At dinner that night, Sara’s personality suddenly changes and she attacks Billey, clawing him and chasing him through the woods.

In the woods, Billey falls into a deep hole. It feels like he is falling forever, and he sees a white light. Just before reaching it, he awakes on his couch and flips off his Apple TV.

He sighs, there is no escape.

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