We Should Have Evolved Past This ‘Twilight Zone’ World, Not Become It


Catherine Randall

It’s the year 2020, but the topics and issues discussed in “The Twilight Zone” classic series are relevant today. “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” focuses on the expectations of society and the beauty norms of the time. The episode is a frightening, modern day reality of plastic surgery, beauty standards, and mental health problems.

Today, people, especially women, are so caught up in their appearances, it affects our mental and physical health. This episode centers around how our identity comes from how we look and feel about ourselves. A girl is forced to undergo a procedure that, in the past, has negatively impacted her life, as opposed to the predicted benefits and happiness that would come from society’s idea of beauty.

With assigned names associated with movie stars of the time and similar bodies, the writers of “The Twilight Zone” offer social commentary still relevant today. This episode focuses on the way we view ourselves in society and how we believe we are perceived. Our appearances have so much impact on the way we feel, especially now.

With apps and social media influencing the standard of beauty, it is almost appealing to have the option to change into someone who is accepted as the traditional kind of beauty. In a world where Instagram likes and followers can create a career, this kind of society is not far off. Many people would be all for it, and the effects would be detrimental.

The standards of beauty have changed many times. Today, we have grown to include a range of of skin tone, body types, and facial structures. But in in a modern “Twilight Zone” like this, would everyone look like a Kardashian or a supermodel? Would the options be customizable like an avatar?

We, as a society, should take a step back and look at this problem, as it is leading to an increase in mental health problems, eating disorders, suicides, bullying and much more. We should have evolved past a world like this, not become one.

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