We Should Have Evolved Past This ‘Twilight Zone’ World, Not Become It

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It's the year 2020, but the topics and issues discussed in "The Twilight Zone" classic series are relevant today. "Number 12 Looks Just Like You” focuses on the expectations of society and the beauty norms of the time. The episode is a frightening, modern day reality of plastic surgery, beauty standards, and mental health problems.

‘The Entire History of You’ Makes Us Question How New Tech Developments Could Impact Society

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Linh Nguyen "The Entire History of You" brought viewers into a world where most of the population has adopted a device called "the grain," an implant used to record everything by default. One could rewind any memory they want to access to relive or observe, and it could even be shared with others on a …

Beauty Standards and AI of ‘The Twilight Zone’ is Our Future

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Alexandra Davis In "The Twilight Zone" episode "The Lateness of the Hour," the audience is introduced to the Loren family. Dr. William Loren, the patriarch, is surrounded by his wife, Mrs. Loren, his daughter, Jana, and a team of servants. You quickly learn that the family has not left their mansion in several years. Jana, …

‘White Bear’ Shows us a New Form of Mob Mentality

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The article also talks of the danger of the “mob mentality” and how seeing Carson as a spectacle was a direct cause of the negligence that led to his death. The mentality can cause people to “deviate in significant and extraordinary ways from their ordinary behavior and act in ways that are legally reprehensible…as they did in this case."