Do you identify with Lacie in ‘Nosedive’?

Do you identify with Lacie in Nosedive?

“Yes. There are times when I’m so focused on my public persona that I’ll spend 30 minutes crafting a post, and then check to see how many/who liked it.”

“Sadly, I do identify with Lacie from Nosedive. On a much lower scale, I am still very guilty of looking at others on social media and comparing myself. Whether it’s lifestyle, body image, style, love life, etc., I am guilty of feeling jealous of others through social media. The main thing I’ve learned about social media is that happiness cannot be measured by social media. Just because someone looks like they have it all, doesn’t mean they are internally happy.”

“Sadly, I actually do feel I identify with her, because there was a time when I began to become Vine famous, and with followers on Vine, came followers on Instagram, and I felt so good about myself due to all the likes I was getting and the comments I was receiving, so much so that if I didn’t get enough likes in a certain amount of time, I would delete the post.”

“No, because there is no way I would let society and other people dictate my life in that extreme manner. I understand playing the game a little bit to get ahead. We all have to play the game at some point in our lives. But it seemed as if she had very low self-esteem, and it was honestly hard to watch.”

“I find myself suffocated by never-ending media updating and trying to stay trendy while doing so. I also monitor my appearance/perception on networking platforms through the day.”

“No. I’m not that into social media. I could not care less what people think. I don’t do things just to post them. I do not identify with her. I’m not desperate for attention.”

“Sort of. She’s insecure, but has initiative. However, I don’t give a shit what people think of me. I hate weddings, so as soon as the flight had issues, I’d be like ‘Bye.’ Also, I’m fairly content with my lifestyle. I’m not going to spruce myself up to get into an all-inclusive apartment place. At the end when she breaks and gets mad, that’s def me.”

“I do not identify with Lacie in Nosedive. Growing up, I never sought attention, nor friends. I especially wouldn’t go out of my way for acceptance. I never post anything outside of my character to boost my likes on any social media because I have morals and standards to uphold. Lacie was pathetic when it comes to acceptance, but I see that often in the young people coming up.”

“It is hard as a girl growing up in this generation. We feel all this pressure to look/act a certain way. Lacie has a great life in the beginning of the episode, but to her, it just wasn’t good enough. She wanted to move into those newer apartments because of the “status” that came with them. She wanted her friends’ approval so bad, but really, the only reason she wanted to be in the wedding is so her ranking would go up. As a girl, I understand wanting to feel ‘praise’ from the media, just as Lacie wanted in this episode.”

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