Black Mirror Reflection: Reflection of Society

Reflection of Society
Marlene Middleton

Jamie lived in a perfect world – a world with no war, no hunger, no imperfections, nothing to worry about. Every morning, she woke at the same time, had the same perfectly cooked breakfast, and put on a perfectly tailored outfit. And before she left to  attend an exclusive academy, she looked in a mirror.

This was not any mirror. It was a mirror that showed her perfect reflection in her dream world. It made her numb to any personal feelings other than what it wanted you to feel.

This made it very easy for everyone to live a blissful life. Without these mirrors, people would be lost. How else would they know they were perfect, living in a perfect world, if these technologically modified mirrors did not tell them this?

This story follows Jamie on her path in her perfect world. Jamie is unlike the others around her. She struggles with a feeling that something about this world she lives in is off, and it is because of the mirrors.

Every time she tries to talk about this to her family members, she is quickly hushed, as if they could get in trouble for even mentioning that it is an “imperfect” world. Little does she know, they can.

The world that she is living in is just a product of what the mirror wants them to believe. They have all become zombie-like and are no different.

One day, as Jamie is defiantly exploring throughout her academy, she discovers a room deep below the academy, almost like a basement. There are old books and scrapbooks that show pictures of what the world used to be like before they created perfect mirrors that control everyone.

Then she stumbles upon something she has never seen before – a cherry, wood-stained frame with intricate carvings, and on the inside, a mirror – a regular, plain mirror.

Jamie stands in shock, looking at herself, looking at her reflection, barely knowing who is staring back. The mirrors have made choices for her whole life. She did not know what it was like to look at her reflection untainted. She then knew, the truth was being covered up.

The perfect life she had known was all a lie and something modified to make the world look like a wonderland. This episode follows Jamie, and her quest to find truth in this fabricated world.

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