Black Mirror Reflection: Maid to Order

Maid to Order
By Hannah Gambrell

Everyone has artificial intelligence in their homes in the year 2065, and they are using robots in their everyday lives. The robots do daily chores and make sure families stay comfortable.

There are even AIs you can be in a relationship with. They are programmed to date you, and you can set them to any mode.

You can make your AI think it has been in a relationship with you for more than a year, and you can program it to know all of your personal information, so when you take it with you to family functions, it seems like a normal person. You are the only one who knows it is an AI. They look very realistic.

As the scene opens, we hear a couple, Dave and June, arguing about having an AI in their home. Dave is very against it.

June is concerned because the couple is not high status enough to own an AI. June doesn’t want her fellow neighbors thinking poorly of her, but her husband insists that he likes things the way they are, and he wants to keep doing things around the house with his wife.

They argue about this often, and you can see that June hopes he will give in sooner or later. Something seems odd about their relationship, but we are not able to pinpoint it yet. (Because if this were actually a “Black Mirror” episode, you would hold in all of the answers to the oddness until the end).

As the episode unfolds, we see that June continues to criticize Dave about his stubborn attitude of not wanting an AI for the home. She tells him she is always working hard and would love for someone else to do the household chores for her and him.

Dave cannot take the argument anymore. He cracks. He sits down with June and tells her that she is an AI.

June does believe him and feels like her entire world is falling apart. Dave leans into her, hugs her and says: “It will all be okay in the morning. I love you.” He kisses her cheek and flips the switch on the back of her neck powering her down for reboot.

Dave picks up June, the AI, takes her to their room and lies her down in the bed. He says, “Number 22. I can’t believe I have had to reboot her this many times in the past 14 months.”

Dave heads to his computer to recreate June’s program settings and give her a full reboot. He could get a new AI, but he has fallen in love with her and continues to do the same thing over and over just to keep her in his life.

He looks out the window, and everyone else is happily spending the evening with their families in their yards as the AIs clean up inside.

Dave wishes that June was more than an AI and knows that if he brought another AI into the home, it would tell June that she wasn’t a real person, and that all of those times she thought she was leaving the house during the day to go to work while Dave was gone was all in her programming.

She never leaves. She is a slave to Dave’s lifestyle. He selfishly cannot let her go.

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