Black Mirror Reflection: Be Yourself

Be Yourself
By Chauncey Taylor

In the near future, technology has evolved, and people can pay to Photoshop themselves in real life for certain periods of time. When you return home, you can undo your Photoshop.

This becomes a countrywide phenomenon, and no one truly looks like themselves unless they are in the comforts of their home. This “editing” becomes especially popular among women. People’s insecurities lead them to spend their last dollar to make sure they look “perfect” at all times.

Our main character is a relatively popular college girl named, Kim, who decides she is comfortable enough with her own skin and features and stops using Photoshop. She had always thought people’s obsession with “looking perfect” was dumb, but went along with it because it was “socially normal.”

One day, when she can’t afford to Photoshop herself, she has to go without editing herself. Over the course of the day, she realizes she hasn’t been her true self in years. She decides she does not need to edit herself any longer.

This decision causes her peers to look at her strangely. She goes through days of bullying and ridicule because of it. She even loses her two best friends because she “isn’t pretty enough” to hang out with them. Eventually, she becomes a social outcast.

Although she is discouraged by these things, she manages to stick to what she said. Aside from the majority of people who are judging her for her decision, some see her as courageous, and they come to her while she is feeling down to let her know she is a hero.

In the end, she inspires a group to follow her lead, starts the “Be Yourself” movement and attempts to change the minds/opinions of everyone around her.

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