Black Mirror Reflection: Into the Woods

By Katie Scott

The “Black Mirror” episode would be titled “Into The Woods.”  It would start with a married couple who is planning a camping trip for the Fourth of July.

The two met each other camping five years ago in Yellowstone National Park. They both have a strong bond and love for the outdoors. They often go hiking, fishing, canoeing, and rafting in their free time. The two are always on the hunt for tips and tricks to make their trips effortless and run more smoothly.

In recent months, a new app came out for camping lovers. This app allows campers to communicate and share their trips with others. The app is called “Camped,” and it allows people to leave reviews about a camping site and give tips and feedback as well as directions. The app makes it easy for the camper to set up the site and get into and out of the woods easily.

The husband, John, is really into technology and really excited to try the new app. He has heard mixed reviews and wants to test it out for himself. The wife, Sarah, is not really into technology and lets her husband figure it all out. She is laid back and goes with the flow.

They are about to leave their home and head out for their adventure. The two packed the car with all the essentials they would need for the long weekend. Bug spray, food, camping gear, and sleeping bags were all ready to go in the back of the car.

The husband hops in the car and pulls up the app. The app asks if he wants to share his location. He clicks “accept” without thinking anything about it.

Next, he enters the camping site destination and hits the road. The app then directs the couple to the camping site with no issues… so they thought.

It begins leading the two deep inside the woods. The wife usually does not get worried, but she starts getting nervous and uneasy. It becomes dark, and the two are still not at the camping site or haven’t seen any signs about the site coming up.

John tells Sarah that everything is fine and she needs to relax. He explains how he trusts the app and how technology has never lead him astray. He explains that this app is so accurate, just like Google Maps or iPhone Maps.

He refuses to turn around and grabs her hand to relax her. They suddenly see a group of campers sitting by a fire, and they are relieved. The two feel a lot better now, park the car, get out and start walking toward the group.

When they come closer, the two look weirdly at each other. The group around the fire did not look like a typical camping group. The app was hacked and sent the two to the wrong place…

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