Black Mirror Reflection: Medical Advancements

By Troup Rolland

Jane is a 30-year-old woman. She is a nurse in a hospital and is a hard worker and enjoys her job. The episode begins by showing Jane going through her daily routines at work. It shows how much she cares about her patients and the people she works with.

At the end of her day, she goes to a nursing home to visit her dad. He looks sickly, and Jane’s mood changes as soon as she walks through his doors. The audience can tell she is worried about her father.

During their dialogue, the father mentions he is content with his health condition even though Jane is having a hard time accepting that death might be around the corner for him.

When Jane is at work the next day, she walks by a room where the doctor is telling a patient about a new injection that will allow one to live forever. She quickly begins to talk to the doctor, Dr. Moore, about the injection.

Everything she is hearing from him about the new medicine sounds wonderful. He says it is cutting edge and is the newest pharmaceutical drug on the market. She tells him she wants to get it for her father, but is stunned when he tells her the cost. She knows that this isn’t something his insurance would cover and decides she must find a way to get it for her sick father.

That night, she formulates a plan to steal the drug from the hospital where she works. She calls to schedule an appointment for her father at the hospital where she will administer the drug to him after she steals it.

The next day, Jane has broken into one of the rooms where they keep the drugs. She sneaks the medicine in her pocket and then tells her father he needs his flu shot.

The scene then cuts to 10 years into the future. Her father is the same age he was 10 years ago. Jane is grieving because of her estranged relationship with her father.

She didn’t realize that although the medicine would make her father live forever, it wouldn’t heal his current ailments. The man would be in pain for as long as he lived and there was no reverse for the drug.

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