Black Mirror Reflection: The Hunt

By Nicole Smith

In my “Black Mirror” episode, there is an app made for hunters, and all the hunters put in money to play the game. All of the animals’ eyes have cameras programed in them because the governments around the world have slowly been putting them in their eyes over the years.

The camera is connected to the app, which allows the hunters to see what the animals are seeing. This also allows the animals to be tracked. The hunters use this app to kill animals for points. Each of their kills are live streamed on the app.

The hunters compete around the world, and each day, there are victory hunters in each city who get all the money the other hunters put in. Everyone around the globe becomes sickly obsessed with this game because of the hunger for victory, money and power. People will do anything to kill the animals and win.

As time goes on, many different species of animals all over the world become extinct. The people don’t care about the animals’ safety and still try to win the game.

People are starving around the world because there is no meat to eat with all of the animals becoming extinct. This causes an outbreak in a lot of regions, so people start rebelling against the app and causing riots.

The main take away of this episode is that people will do anything for entertainment, money, fame, and power. They care so much about those things that the people don’t even care that animals are going extinct.

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