Black Mirror Reflection: To Serve and Protect

By Johnny Chambless

In the opening scene, we see a group of high-ranking government officials in a top secret room of an unmarked building in a large, crime-ridden metropolis.

As they officially gather around, three men in white lab coats wheel in a large man-sized item covered by a sheet. The sheet is lifted to reveal an android, a robot with an unusually small metal torso and head with large robotic arms and legs much longer and larger than any normal human proportions.

The lab coat men explain to the officials what the android can do – run, jump and operate like a normal human, but with zero emotion. All of its actions are calculated based on millions of inputs the robot receives from numerous sensors and quantum 5G super computer brain. All the abilities of the robot are demonstrated, but the purpose is not explained to the audience. They can only speculate.

The scene changes to a few years later, and we see these robots walking the streets with painted police insignia on their exoskeletons assisting police officers. The robots are supposed to be each officer’s personal assistant to do all the things that might be dangerous to an officer.

We see an officer and android respond to a car wreck, and the robot cop uses its super robot strength to tear apart the car and save the occupants.

We see a scene in which two young black men are exchanging books on a college campus. A nearby campus police robot uses its sonar sensing technology to alert its human cop partner about what it thinks is suspicious activity.

When the officer confronts the individuals, things happen, and the robot miscalculates that one of the students is pulling out a gun. The android tries to apprehend the student before the action and ends up accidentally snapping the student’s neck.

Fast forward 10 years, and the viewer sees a scene of the same metropolis, but instead of run down and crime-ridden, it is flourishing with happy children running around unsupervised, self-driving cars, and lots of new tech with clean people walking around. We also see newer model androids that still looks the same, but updated and sleeker, walking around with painted uniforms on their metal exoskeletons.

There are no human cops anymore, and the androids are the police force now, all robotic, all controlled by the government.

The government has used the robot “miscalculations” as a scape goat for “accidently” killing off all the poor and homeless people because they can’t sue robots or hold them accountable.

It’s basically a purge going on by robots all the time, but it happens slowly over years and is never talked about by the government-controlled media.

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