Black Mirror Reflection: Prospect

By Joshua Clayton

Image a world where physical sports are no longer played. All competitions are done electronically.

My episode would involve the worldwide rise of eSports that have taken over the world, permeating electronics conferences and college campuses. Many colleges now have an eSports club that competes with other schools in video games, such as Call of Duty and Overwatch. There are even leagues when these gamers play each other in video games based on actual sports like Madden and NBA 2K.

The eSports clubs are nowhere near becoming as prominent as varsity sports like football or basketball, but you can see them getting bigger and bigger, and there are professional gamers that make millions at these tournaments.

The episode would be titled “Prospect.” It would follow a D-I athlete in the year 2089, but after legislation against youth football and other sports pull the traditional varsity sports down in popularity, eSports have taken over as the top sport on college campuses.

The main character is one of the top prospects in the annual PEL (Professional eSports League) draft and one of the most popular kids on the campus, but when a video of him taking drugs at a fraternity party surfaces, the main character’s draft stock plummets as scouts say he parties too hard to perform as a professional.

The main character is devastated because he had been training his whole life to become a professional gamer, and suddenly his million-dollar contract and all his fans and friends were gone.

At first, the main character doesn’t remember doing drugs and just thinks he was caught when he was too drunk, but years later, when he’s coaching at a college tournament, he meets an old friend from the rival in-state college who tells him he manufactured a fake video, causing the main character to lose his opportunity. The main character spends the rest of his life alone training to try and get to the league.

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