Black Mirror Reflection: National Security

National Security
By Carter Loeb

Just how much freedom are we willing to risk for our security? In the future, citizens will stand trial for committing “crimes” that are published on social media.

They are convicted according to the severity of each crime. Violent acts result in penalties ranging from beatings to lynchings, and drugs and alcohol lead to long term jail time.

U.S. citizens try to combat the government, but the government has access to all of their communication. Eventually, citizens lead stone-age lives, getting rid of all technology, and they begin communicating in secret ways, leading to a civil war. This leads to harsh prosecution and even persecution by pro-spy citizens of the country. 

During the war, a rumor circulates about a microchip the government implants in the brains of civilians to monitor thought processes and actions, fueling anti-technologists and eventually leading to a society that banishes all forms of advanced technology after the anti-technologists have won the war.  

In the end, the message conveyed is of distrust and unease due to technology taking over our lives without knowing or acknowledging it, much like the surveillance that goes on in the United States today.

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