Black Mirror Reflection: A Vision of the Future

A Vision of the Future
By Keely Paxton

Between the years 2050-2059, I predict technology will begin taking over the world. Most cars in the developed world will be computer-controlled.

By 2050, bionic eye implants will be used by most people, and they will relay data and footage on the spot.

Technological advances between the years 2060-2069 will focus on the overall world education system. Electronic networking will replace in-person learning for most students, and they will take decentralized online and virtual classes.

Artificial instructors will replace teachers, and they will have instant access to vast sources of data and knowledge. Instead of paper or textbooks, students will use portable tablet devices.

By the years 2070-2079, buildings in developed nations will be highly automated and self-sufficient, and in addition to robots, the typical new home will include a localized power supply, onsite water production, waste management, and air purification systems.

Windows will be able to self-adjust their size and position, and will have the ability to optimize the level of natural light. There will also be interactive surfaces with holographic generators that cover the whole interior of the property,  including walls, doors, worktop surfaces, mirrors and shower cubicles.

A person can read emails, see news reports and access the online world using virtually any surface in the house. They will also be able to see detailed, real-time information on their health, personal lifestyle and daily schedules.

In 2080-2089, fully autonomous, mobile robots with human-like features and expressions will be deployed in many cities. The robots will be highly intelligent, and will be able to operate in almost any environment and deal with various duties.

The presence of these machines will free-up a tremendous amount of time for human officers. With inhuman strength and speed, a single robot will be highly intimidating and could easily take on dozens of people if needed.

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