Black Mirror Reflection: Every Moment of the Day

By Danielle Angelo

In the future, instead of having multiple apps, they will all be rolled into one that will resemble Facebook. This app, however, does not require you to do much work. Instead of having to type a post and send it yourself, the app will do it all for you.

Every moment of your day will be displayed for all of your followers. It will alert them when you wake up, what you eat, where you are, and even how long you may be stuck in traffic.

The app can also send notifications to certain people to whom the information might be beneficial. It is designed to keep everyone in touch with the world around them, and is supposed to help the world run smoother.

The episode will focus on a main character named Dave. Dave lives a pretty normal life, but has flaws. Dave frantically wakes up, and rushes around his house because he is late for work. The app notifies all of Dave’s followers about what is happening and sends a special notice to his boss that he will be late because he overslept and will be stuck in traffic.

As Dave’s day goes on, it seems like everything is going wrong for him. He is at first embarrassed, because he quickly becomes the entertainment for the day, but soon becomes furious, and tries to delete the app. The app, however, is not going anywhere, and instead keeps posting about his failures.

He eventually has enough and decides to try to take the app down from the inside. He travels to the app’s headquarters, and sneaks in disguised as a worker. He wanders around the large office building, until he finally finds the control room, where all of the app’s data is located.

Dave begins working on shutting down the app, but then realizes he needs to get rid of the system all together if he ever wants to live a normal life. He comes close to finally erasing the system for good, when security guards rush in and take him away.

The episode ends with Dave being questioned in a room by multiple people about why he tried to shut down the app. He screams and asks why they think it is necessary for survival. He is taken from the room to a large jail area in the same office building, where many other people can be found in jail cells, all because they too tried to shut down the app.

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