Black Mirror Reflection: Worthy

By Sabrina Fischel

The year is 2098, and reality TV is more prominent than ever in society. While people still attend to the duties of their everyday life, the highlight of everyone’s day is sitting down and watching their favorite television shows.

Reality TV is something many people bond over. It is a staple in the society and is watched by the masses. The most popular shows have a cult-like following, with society extremely invested in the lives of the people on each show.

The reality show with the highest record of viewers ever is called “Worthy.” Each season of “Worthy” follows a cast of seven people from all different walks of life.

At first, it would be very difficult to understand why this group of specific people is grouped together in the reality show. What links each season of people together is their desperate need for an organ transplant. An interactive show, the cast competes throughout the season to win the hearts of America’s viewers, and most importantly, the organ they need to continue living.

This season follows the lives of seven people all in need of a pancreas transplant. Ranging from the ages of 16 to 54, each cast member tries their hardest to convince the audience they are worthy of the greatest prize of all, the necessary organ.

Although society is completely desensitized to how cruel and unnecessary this reality show is, a 19-year-old university student named Riley is becoming increasingly aware of how immoral the act of voting on who gets to live is.

Riley vows to not participate and engage in this show, singling herself out from her family and peers. As the season continues, Riley finds it harder to connect with the world around her. Standing up for what she believes is right makes her an outsider in society.

After losing friendships and consequently isolating herself, it is up to Riley to decide what is more important – her personal beliefs or the desire to fit in.

Succumbing to societal pressures, the last scene of this episode shows Riley painfully voting for whom she believes is “most worthy” to mend relationships that had been destroyed.

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