Black Mirror Reflection: Timehop

By Kelly Powers

 Every day, the app “Timehop” allows users to see what they posted a year (up to many years) ago on that very day. This allows users to reminisce about what their life was like.

Wouldn’t it be cool if when the app showed you what you did a year/years ago on that day, you could relive it?

In this episode of “Black Mirror,” users can do exactly that. This episode showcases everyday people who use technology, and this specific app, to live in the past rather than the moment.

Everybody goes through times in their lives that they wish they could just go back to feel how they felt in that moment, to see things the way they once were just one more time, or even change how things happened or could have happened – if given a second chance.

In this episode, every day, users can go back in time according to what they post on social media to relive or alter it how they see fit. They are only allowed to go back to that day in the past during the 24 hours of the current day.

If they lose track of time focusing on their past, they get stuck there. The other problem is if they change their past, it will alter their future, and if they go back to the past every day, their future can drastically change, even if they only altered one day.

The point this episode is about the problem so many people face today – not living in the moment. Though the app that gives people the ability to essentially time travel, they are missing out on moments right in front of them.

It also shows how people spend so much time on their phone that they forget to look in front of them and make a difference in the world they live in today.

It is always good to reminisce and remember, but it becomes unhealthy when you constantly live in the past wondering how things could have been or once were. If you live in the past, you get stuck in the past and miss out on opportunities to change your future.

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