Black Mirror Reflection: There’s Something in My Eye

By Joseph Katool

My “Black Mirror” episode would be about a new technology for people’s eyes. A piece of innovation that many people use today for eyesight are contacts. They would become an operating system interface for users. Instead of having to look at tablets and smartphones, people could use contacts to do all of that. All they have to do is look forward and see what they need to in front of them.

On these contacts, there would also be an off switch to turn off the operating system interface so people are not always having to look at the internet and their notifications all day. These contacts would also help with eyesight, and the magnification would be adjustable at any time when people’s eyesight changes.

The owner of these contacts would own a smartphone or tablet that is compatible. This would be helpful when the user wants to take out their contacts to give their eyes a rest.

The turning point of my episode is when my character, Eric, buys a pair of these contacts and starts to like them. He uses them for everything. He video chats with his girlfriend through these contacts, he uses all his social media accounts through these contacts, and he does all his banking through an online banking app through these contacts.

Unfortunately a slew of hackers start to hack these contacts. The hackers are able to unlock a lot of capabilities with the contacts. They lock the contacts onto Eric’s eyes.

Throughout the episode, Eric is never able to take off his contacts. That is not even the worst event to happen. Since the hackers have hacked his contacts, they also have access to all his social media accounts, online banking and vital personal information that he does not want other people knowing.

While Eric’s life is pretty much hacked, the hackers post personal information about him on the web. They steal his Social Security number and post it everywhere. Eric can do nothing to delete it.

All his bank information is out for everyone to see. He loses all his assets and has nothing in his name. Much more personal information is revealed about him, and he loses his girlfriend and all his friends. His life is taken over, and there is nothing he can do but wait around until there is a fix.


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