Black Mirror Reflection: The Robot Creation Center

By Catherine Campbell

It was a beautiful sunny day in Nashville. Jonathan Campbell, 33, who worked for the Robot Creation Center, woke up to the smell of breakfast.

Jonathan’s robot, Cruz, made breakfast every morning, then cleaned the house and got the children ready for school. With the use of an iPhone app, one could control all of their robot’s actions.

When the robots work was done, one would simply press “sleep” on their app, and the robot would shut off until the next day when they were needed again. Cruz, like every other robot, could cook, clean, baby sit and tutor. The world had become completely reliant on robots.

It seemed like a typical day for Jonathan until he heard a scream from his neighbor’s house. He ran next door to see what was going on, but he was too late. His neighbor was lying dead on the kitchen floor while her robot continued to stab her bloody body.

Jonathan immediately tried to call his boss, Marcus, to report the incident. This was unheard of. No one had ever been injured, much less killed by a robot. Little did he know, that was only the start of what was to come.

Jonathan quickly gathered his things and headed off to work. As he was driving, he saw hundreds of robots lining the streets with weapons in their hands. Buildings were on fire, and people were frantically running around screaming for help because they could not control or shut off their robots. It seemed as if the world was crumbling right in front of his eyes.

When Jonathan arrived at the Robot Creation Center, he was shocked to see that it was still in perfect condition. Everyone seemed completely content and unaware of what was happening. In shock, Jonathan began asking questions and telling people what he had seen. No one flinched or reacted.

He ran to his boss’ office, and calmly waited with his hands crossed as hundreds of possessed robots stood behind him. Marcus told Jonathan this was his plan all along. He gave Jonathan an ultimatum saying he could help Marcus and his team control the world with robots, or he and his family would be destroyed by them.

Jonathan was in shock. He was unable to form words. As the robots started approaching Jonathan ready to kill him, he woke up to the smell of breakfast. Cruz was flipping pancakes, and it was a beautiful sunny day.


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