Black Mirror Reflection: The Eye

By Adam Fargo

It’s about a man who lives in the projects, and suddenly, they begin seeing advertisements for a new social media site called “The Eye.” The episode is about how the government is watching them, and no one reads the terms and conditions.

People are signing up for the social media site “The Eye,” and the main character, Donny, hates social media, because he believes it is a “societal downfall.” The advertising becomes more pushy. You start to see it everywhere, from car wraps to lyrics in songs, to name calling in commercials.

Most people who signed up for it are getting arrested quickly, like unusually quick. They are regulars at the county jail, and regulars in and out of prison, and they even got a school teacher for changing test grades and having an affair with the principal of the school.

Donny notices this and investigates. He goes onto the site and reads the terms and terms and conditions. On one of the last pages, it says: “By clicking, you agree to let The Eye see what you’re seeing, saying, and hearing via your cameras, microphones, and speakers on whatever device you use to sign into “The Eye.” All data will be collected by the FBI, NSA, and CIA.”

Donny realizes this and screenshots it, but he is raided by a SWAT team, because the next page says: “By clicking ‘Next Page’ on the previous page, you agreed to not tell anyone.” Donny is taken to jail, charged with treason and sentenced to 25 years in jail because it also says on the same page they will never communicate about what they read in “The Eye,” kind of like a gag order. So, the episode will probably throw everyone into a deep paranoia, and everyone will start to read the terms and conditions after watching my episode of “Black Mirror.”

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