Black Mirror Reflection: The Dating Game

The Dating Game
By Emily Owens

The year is 2037. Developers of dating sites have created new software to make it easier to find your soulmate and take the hassle out of dating people you may not be interested in. This new technology allows you to scan a person you see on the street or look up potential mates and see their dating profile, which allows every person they interact with romantically or go on a date with to rate them and leave comments about their interactions.

Our main character, Morgan, is constantly feeling alone and isn’t asked on dates because she is focused on her job. She doesn’t make time to go on dates with potential suitors. She has decided to make it a priority and positions herself at a coffee shop.

She is unaware of the newest technology and does not check it as she approaches a male sitting at a table nearby. He seems polite, and asks her if she would like to sit with him, and she does. After about an hour of talking, he asks for her name again, and then she goes back to her house.

Her friend, Hannah, calls her frantically and asks if she has checked The Dating Game site. Morgan then tells her she has no idea what she is talking about. She checks it to find out the guy from the coffee shop had given her a horrible rating and commented that she was boring and would not suggest asking her out.

This upsets Morgan as she has just emerged into the dating world, and she becomes fascinated with going on as many dates as possible to boost her rating. She becomes so focused on it, she schedules dates for all hours of the day. She forgets about a major job obligation, and her rating shows that she is “slutty” and has been seen with multiple guys at multiple places and would never be able to commit.

Ultimately, her plan backfired. She loses her job, and is back being more lonely than ever. She decides to delete the site, go back to fight for her job, and comes to the conclusion she will never find a man.

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