Black Mirror Reflection: The Cure

By Carson Griffth

My episode involves a futuristic world in which technological advances have allowed the government to have access to a cure for all diseases. This includes cancer, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.

However, due to corruption in the government and the need to limit the population size of the United States, these cures are kept secret and only given to certain members of society. People of low socioeconomic status are denied access to these cures, and many people of average rank in society do not even know they exist.

The government justifies this secrecy by claiming that people must continue to die of disease to decrease the population boom, which has been leading to environmental decline, depletion of natural resources, etc.

However, it is their way of killing off members of society seen as “weaker” and allowing the wealthy ones to thrive. They hope to create a society of rich, influential people and slowly eliminate all others.

The characters in this episode include a woman around age 30, who finds out about these hidden cures and tries to fight back and spread awareness. Her mother has been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, so she is infuriated and determined to stage a revolt against the unjust government.

The technology with all cures for disease is contained in a secret government facility in the middle of a deserted field only accessible by helicopter. The wealthiest one percent of people, including celebrities and politicians, are granted use of this technology. These machines look similar to an MRI machine, and have the ability to restore even the sickest individuals to perfect health.

The main character uses social media platforms to attempt to alert the public that this technology exists, and that they are being denied access to it. However, the government has become so powerful and controlling that it has access to everyone’s cell phones. As soon as she posts about the secret technology on social media, her phone self-destructs.

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