Black Mirror Reflection: Dis-order

By Alison Schatzle

In my episode of Season 4 of Black Mirror, the year is 2065, and the latest home innovation is the newest feature from Amazon XX, which automatically restocks every car and home that is registered with them.

From things as simple as toiletries to kitchen appliances, they have it covered, and it is instantly replaced. Not only are people saving time from shopping and running errands, they are now able to focus on more important things and living their lives.

Dave is a single 45-year-old man living in upstate New York. He has always suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, and everything must be a certain way to please him and keep him sane.

Everything in Dave’s home is organized in a tedious and customized way. Dave is an active member of Amazon XX and loves it because everything always stays where it is supposed to be and never fully runs out.

Everything is consistent and leaves him in harmony. For example, if the toilet paper roll is almost empty, another appears. If he goes to look in his refrigerator for his favorite ice cream, he knows it will be there. The entire world is gushing over this new high-tech phenomenon.

On March 7, 2065, Dave goes into the kitchen and sees hundreds of rolls of toilet paper sitting on his kitchen counter. He was very alarmed and started to panic.

His entire family lived on the West Coast, and he did not have very many friends in New York. He did not know who was pulling this prank.

He walked into the living room to find more toilet paper rolls scattered throughout the room. He paved a way through to turn on the TV, and the breaking news was how Amazon XX had been hacked and the entire site was glitching.

Dave frantically ran upstairs, and everything in his home was in disorder and upheaval. The glitch had caused other people’s items to appear instead of his personal things.

Dave was unable to handle the temporary technological glitch, and it caused him to have a massive panic attack. He had to be rushed to the hospital and luckily started breathing again.

Overall, technology should never be allocated to handle a large portion of your life because, when something goes wrong, your life could be at stake.

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