Black Mirror Reflection: Socially Awkward

By Oakley Miller

For my Black Mirror episode, I would have all the people in the community, or the characters in the episode extremely addicted to their cell phones – to the point where they cannot interact or communicate with each other confidently without them.

The main character’s name is Brode. He is very clingy to his girlfriend. He abandoned all of his friends to cling to her 24/7.

The odd thing is that, in this society, people don’t actually talk to each other. They giggle and laugh, but they are too shy to actually talk to their peers, so whenever they are all together, they form a group message, and every one sits around and talks to each other through there.

Brode and his girlfriend hang out, go get dinner, and so on. They just shyly look at each other and text each other when they are hanging out because technology has made them too awkward to form and hold a conversation in real life with each other.

They go about their days happily. Since there is no personal interaction, it is all through text. They never get in fights, and their lives are very boring.

The world they live in is very quiet and uneventful because everyone is on their phones. Throughout this episode, we observe the daily interactions between Brode and his girlfriend and the awkwardness that goes on during this day and age because of the addiction to technology and how technology has taken over everyone’s brains in the show.

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