Black Mirror Reflection: Smart Clothes

By Anna Bresette

This episode will star a group of six friends – three guys and three girls, who all buy ‘smart clothing’ to fit in with the rest of society. Smart clothing is new clothing with technology built in that can help monitor your health by knowing your heart rate, blood pressure, how much exercise you do, how much sleep you get, and when you are getting sick.

Once they all buy smart clothes, they have to download the app and register as new users. On the app, they can connect with friends, family, doctors, and their work.

In the beginning, there seems to be many benefits of the smart clothes. They know when wearers will be sick before they start feeling bad. they know if their heart and blood pressure are OK. And it also helps them live a healthier and more active lifestyle. They also live in a world where everyone is obsessed with social media and following one another, so they all enjoy posting their health stats online.

What they do not know is the creators of these smart clothes are tracking their every move and are not providing true information. The creators of smart clothes wanted all their customers to feel better about themselves when they wear their clothes.

The clothes are actually sugar-coating facts and lying to people about how “healthy” they really are. The creators knew that if people started to wear them and were told how unhealthy they were, they would not enjoy them as much.

In the beginning, people could not tell the information was false because only people who were already pretty healthy bought them. As the clothes become more popular over social media, more people start buying and believing they are healthier than they thought.

One of the six friends is not as healthy because he has a drinking problem and battles depression. The smart clothes only make his problems worse because now he believes he is getting better when he is really getting worse.

This becomes true for many people who are using the smart clothes, and eventually people start having heart attacks and extreme medical emergencies that could have been avoided if the smart clothes were telling the truth.

My “Black Mirror” episode will emphasize how society is too quick to believe what we see on social media and the internet in general. It will also show the many negative impacts of constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media.

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