Black Mirror Reflection: Scream of Consciousness

By Sophia Depasquale

My episode would be set in the near future in a country much like America where the government has decided they have reached their limit when dealing with mass violence and terrorism.

Their solution is to implant a chip in every citizen’s mind that uploads their stream of consciousness and thoughts onto a platform like Twitter that echos how easy it is in today’s society to overshare one’s life on social media.

The citizens don’t need to worry though because their darkest thoughts and secrets are only available for the eyes of the NSA. The technology has been programmed to flag specific thoughts and ideas so people can be placed on watch lists and apprehended before acting out any violent desires.

In this new society, crime is almost at 0 percent, and everyone feels safer and happier. Then one day, a terrorist group interrupts all television and radio programs to announce they have hacked this stream of consciousness platform and that all citizens who wish to keep their secret thoughts secret must do as they say or else they will be exposed.

People begin to panic, and soon the terrorist group begins building armies of civilians intended to be used to overthrow the government. No one knows how these terrorists were able to plan such an attack without being flagged by the NSA, and fear grips the nation as each citizen is called to obey the terrorists commands.

Horrible secrets begin to be exposed, and soon the citizens begin to turn on each other. They learn about adultery, stealing, lies, etc. All this violence eventually culminates with the terrorists agreeing that if the President commits suicide, they will allow the citizens of the nation to resume their normal lives.

The terrorists say they want him to die because he was selling the information to a company similar to Amazon that was using it to market products to the American people. The President denies this, but eventually kills himself for the good of the people.

It is only then following the President’s death that the twist is revealed. The government did not manufacture this technology themselves, but actually bought it from an outside firm. The terrorists are revealed to be the inventors of the chip.

The President never sold the personal information. The inventors just said that so they could gain total power of the government. They never implanted the actual chip in themselves, but a fake chip instead. By doing so, their thoughts remained safe, while a secret feature in their technology allowed them access to everyone else’s mind.

The inventors are now the new leaders of the nation and government, and army officials can do nothing but watch as a dictatorship is built lest their secrets be revealed.

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