Black Mirror Reflection: Red and Blue

By Rienzi Gray

This episode begins in December 2032. Technology has become much more advanced and has changed the social structure of the states. Everyone is required to wear holographic ID bracelets that emit from a chip implanted in their arms. These bracelets monitor people’s vitals, location, and can receive messages and calls, and its colors depend on the wearer’s.

James McCoy, the newly elected president of the United States, has just won the electoral college vote. He gives a brief speech to a parade of fans and supporters announcing his gratitude and oath as the new president.

This next scene opens with James McCoy sprawled out on the floor with a pool of blood coming from his head. We see men in his security detail pointing their gun at another man who is dressed just like them. The president has been brutally assassinated by one of his security. The man who killed him announced his affiliation and promised there will be more attacks to come as he is part of a new, domestic terrorist group that identifies the losing political party of the election.

The vice president, Harbor Greaves, is now the acting president. As he enters a room of senators, representatives, and other politicians, they begin discussing the recent attack and how to prepare for another.

During the very heated debate, Greaves makes a touching statement about how he’s worried about his family, the families of everyone sitting in the room with him, and how uncertain this new terrorist group is.

Out of fear, Greaves proposes a new law that everyone’s chip is color coded to their political party’s (unless you weren’t old enough to vote) to identify potentially risky personnel.

As the next scene fades in, everyone’s bracelet is either red or blue.

News anchors are talking in the background as Greaves is in tears and holding a gun to his head.

The nation is at war with itself.

Greaves selfishness has caused a civil war.

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