Black Mirror Reflection: Quikdoc

By Hunter Holmes

After researching the near future of technology, I found several articles, all involving artificial intelligence. The idea of AI is intriguing, but also scary.

I discovered AI is already being utilized and has the power to take over and get rid of tons of different jobs. In fact, my idea comes from a new app that my health insurance company had me download. The app is supposed to be used as a doctor that you can reach and use via your cell phone instead of going into a real office.

My idea for Black Mirror Season 4: Episode 1 involves the healthcare system and AI. My story is set in a neighborhood suburb of Atlanta.

The Wilson family and son, Tyler, are the main characters. All of society has switched to using AI for nearly anything and everything. AI has replaced doctors’ offices and created apps that you can access from anywhere at anytime.

The app the Wilsons use is Quikdoc. Quikdoc is capable of doing anything a doctor, pharmacist, or technician can do.

The Wilson family’s son, Tyler, becomes very sick, but doctors via Quickdoc are unable to diagnose him with any sickness or disease. Instead, Tyler is prescribed an antibiotic that should clear up his symptoms within a few days. After weeks, his symptoms progress. Symptoms include hair loss, vomiting, dry skin patches, fainting spells, and amnesia.

The Wilsons soon see on local news that Tyler is not the only person suffering from these symptoms without getting better. A day later, it is broadcast that this illness is spreading across the country, but it is rumored to not be contagious.

After nearly a month of Tyler’s condition worsening, the NSA comes out with a news release warning citizens about a hack in the AI system. Everyone is to do without AI until they can investigate and stop the hack.

The climax of the episode is when the NSA discovers the hack on the U.S. AI system also affected Quikdoc. The hacker was prescribing people a medication that was causing their immune and nervous systems to fail.

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