Black Mirror Reflection: Project Life Line

By Macy Walters

“Black Mirror” always does an amazing job of introducing a piece of technology that seems to benefit society as a whole, then shows how that technology actually does more harm than good. I wanted to stay with this same mindset when coming up with my episode, which I titled “Project Life Line.”

Due to the rising number of abortions, starving children, and abused kids in foster care, the United States government decided to implement a program in 2058 titled “Project Life Line.” In the installment of the project, all children born after 2058 were injected with a serum that blocks them from being able to reproduce/parent a child without the government’s consent.

At the age of 25, any person who wishes to start a family must apply for the government program “Project Life Line” by submitting proof of their work history, academic career, background check, and contributions to society to be screened by the “Creators.”

If a person is lucky enough to make it through the strenuous background checks, they get to enter what is called “The Simulation.” During the Simulation, the subject is injected with a serum that allows them to virtually raise a child and prove their parenting skills.

Although the Simulation feels as if you are raising your child for 10 years, you really are only in the Simulation for 30 minutes, during which the government can monitor your parenting skills and how your “simulation child” will turn out to determine if you have the appropriate skills to be an adequate parent.

Enter our main character, Adam. Adam has been looking forward to being a parent his whole entire life, and has all the credentials to make it to the Simulation. An Ivy League graduate, a community service activist, and no criminal history, he appears to be a shoe-in for the perfect father.

After receiving his Simulation child Ben, Adam falls in love. He raises Ben as his own, growing strong affection and parental protection over the baby he raised into a young boy. However, suddenly Ben is yanked out of the Simulation and told that he is unfit to be a parent. Due to a certain flaw of his parenting skills, Ben grows up to be deviant child and a school shooter. It is too risky to allow Adam to parent a real child, and he is returned to society devastated.

After the initial sadness of being removed from Ben, Adam becomes angry. He sees Ben as his child and will do whatever it takes to get him back.

Adam (with the help of other rejected parents) breaks into the government headquarters where “Project Life Line” is located and attempts to overthrow the Creators to win back their children. Chaos ensues and many people lose their lives. However, in the end, the Creators win and capture Adam.

His punishment – he is forced to enter back into the simulation, only this time, he is forced to watch the evil moments of Ben’s life that he aided in creating, such as the mass shooting, which eventually drives him insane.

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