Black Mirror Reflection: No Fire

By Adam Dean

In the future, there is a new gun technology. A gun will only fire if a certain person owns it. If a person bought a gun and it was theirs, the technology, through fingerprint or DNA, would only allow the gun to be fired if that person was holding it.

These personalized guns would be similar to the rating scale episode. People who are deemed too low in society are considered to be useless and are removed by other members of society. The government is running a covert agency that would “remove” these people.

I picture a poor family of three – a father, a mother, and their son. The family is deemed undesirable, and when the agency breaks in to kill them, the father is killed because he can’t fire a gun with this technology.

The remainder of the episode would be the mother and son on the run trying to evade their deaths until the end where the two find a hacker, fake their status and hide them from the agency.

Some people couldn’t use guns with this technology, so they must resort to using utensils like knives and broken pieces of furniture, as these are the only weapons capable of slightly protecting themselves.

As the family is on the run, the people with a higher status who deem the family undesirable either ignore the manhunt or help by reporting their location through a social media thread that helps the agency track their whereabouts and locations.

At the end of the episode, the agency moves on to the next target while the mother and son reflect their tragedy. The name of this episode would be called “No Fire.”

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