Black Mirror Reflection: No Contact

Maggie Bell

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The government has created eye contacts for people around the world that make everyone around you attractive. This means no one knows what people actually look like; they only know what pleases them personally.

Each person has their own version of attractive so every person looks different to those around them, although not many people have the contacts. They are optional, but have become more popular among millennials because they are more interested in technology.

Elizabeth, 19, had contact surgery because she was “done seeing ugly people.” A few months later, she meets Thomas while running at the park near her house. His dog runs up to her as she is passing, and the two speak.

Elizabeth thinks Thomas is cute, and he looks about her age. They exchange phone numbers hoping to hang out in the future. Things between them eventually get serious. Thomas lives alone, so they mostly hang out at his home.

Elizabeth’s mom has been asking to meet this amazing boy, Thomas, who she hears all about from Elizabeth. Finally, after a few months of seeing each other, Elizabeth invites Thomas over for dinner with her mother.

Elizabeth’s mother does not have special eye contacts so she sees a completely different boy than Elizabeth sees. Once he arrives, Elizabeth’s mother recognizes the “boy” right away. He has been all over the news because he recently murdered a young girl. He is not the young 19-year-old Elizabeth sees. He is actually a 57-year-old man named, Robert Inham.

Elizabeth’s mother immediately pulls her away to tell her, yet Elizabeth does not believe her. When Robert leaves, Elizabeth is taken to the hospital. She immediately gets her contacts removed and realizes her mother was right. Thomas is actually a criminal named Robert.

The episode ends with a reflection about how many people around her have no clue who they are actually talking to because everyone is seeing different visions of people for their own selfish reasons. Everyone wants to be around attractive people because our society is focused on the wrong things.

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