Black Mirror Reflection: Masked Men

By Parker Blaylock

Facial recognition is a growing technology that could potentially replace many things in modern society. The conversation of facial recognition recently caught fire with Apple’s release of the latest iPhone X.

This new iPhone uses facial recognition to unlock the phone and to also serve as a new form of security. Because of this innovative technology, some have even started conversations about using facial recognition to replace former Social Security numbers.

This is both exciting and scary. Facial recognition could potentially prevent identity theft, but also could be a very powerful tool used to create other problems.

My idea for this episode would be to have a society that uses facial recognition for every aspect of their lives. For things like unlocking their house door, clocking into work, purchasing things at the grocery store – literally every aspect of their lives would involve the use of this technology.

The catch? The main characters would be the problem in this scenario. They would stumble upon the creation of this new technology that allowed them to clone people’s faces to the most minuscule details.

They are now able to make these clones into life like masks that are used to steal people’s identities and break into houses that are not theirs. This would, obviously, create problems within this new world that is centered around the use of facial recognition. This episode would bring light to the scary possibilities that facial recognition could impose our society.

While I think the technology itself is a very neat idea, it frightens me how powerful it could be if it progressed to control every aspect of our lives. With that said, I think this episode would fit perfectly in this series and would be a very intriguing show for viewers around the world.

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