Black Mirror Reflection: Lost in Translation

Blake Bione

Why learn a new language when a computer can translate signs, speech and emotions for you? The Voice is a device that mixes natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning technology. The Voice was an app that started slowly, then became popular in the travel community because it could instantly translate signs, voices, and much more.

Then it became popular among young people because the Voice could even translate emotion through tones. So if your significant other was mad at you, the Voice could tell you after listening to their voice.

After years of people using the Voice, it is installed in human brains when they are young. In the year 2036, Sara decides to go to Japan after she graduates college and knows she will be okay because she has the Voice that can translate everything for her.

When she boards the plane, she doesn’t talk to anyone, she just listens to the Voice in her head telling her what to do as the Voice reads other’s body language and scans their conversations.

After Sara arrives in Japan, she doesn’t see Japanese writing or hear Japanese spoken because the Voice translates everything for her instantly. While exploring Tokyo, she meets a boy named Seiya. The two fall in love and spend most of their days talking easily because the Voice translates everything and reads their body language to tell them what and what not to do.

After many years of being together, the Voice is recalled and has to be taken out of everyone because it was proven it caused brain cancer. Seiya and Sara no longer know how to talk to each other and realize they know nothing about each other because the Voice is not telling them what the other is feeling.

Sara knows nothing about Japanese culture, and Tokyo feels different without translations.

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