Black Mirror Reflection: Locked Out

Madison Wunderlich

My episode for Season 4 of “Black Mirror” would be called “Locked Out.” The main character in the show would be Jane, a mother of four, who lives in Nashville.

The episode begins with her husband leaving for the weekend on a business trip. Jane has to watch her four children by herself this weekend, but it won’t be a problem because she has a smart house.

Her smart house programing is named Mary. Her house can start the oven for her, run baths, open doors, and other daily tasks humans go through. Mary can also make lists, call people, set up appointments, wake up those sleeping, and remember certain things about the people who live in the house.

Mary also knows who to unlock the front doors for based on facial recognition. Mary is designed to be a useful for tool for people across America. This weekend, however, she is Jane’s worst nightmare.

The weekend starts of normal. Mary helps run the baths for Jane’s children and preheats the ovens for dinner. She makes a grocery list for Jane based on what is lacking in the pantry and fridge.

The next morning, Jane wakes up to Mary telling her it is time to start her day and run her errands. Jane leaves, has Mary lock all the doors to keep her children safe inside, and tells her to call her if something happens.

The children wake up to Mary screaming at them and blaring siren noises. She demands that the children get into their showers. She forces them to take burning hot showers, and the children begin to scream. They hop out, and Mary begins blaring the siren sounds again.

Unfortunately, the children are locked in their bathrooms. Mary refuses to let them out. She said she will not stop screaming and blaring the sirens unless they get back into the hot showers.

The children refuse to. They sit locked in their hot bathrooms for another hour. They hear their mom pull up from the grocery and become excited thinking Jane will save them from Mary.

Jane tries to enter the house, but Mary has locked her out. Mary claims she does not recognize Jane’s face. Jane tries shattering the windows, but they are shatter proof.

She can hear her children screaming for help, but it is hard to hear them over the sirens Mary is blasting. Mary begins shooting at Jane with the defense mechanisms built into the house.

Jane runs and hides down the street. She calls her husband who frantically calls Smart House Company for help. He informs Jane that the only way to destroy Mary is to get into the house.

He tells her there is a secret trap door under the house that leads up into the master closet. That is where the control panel is that she must destroy by entering a self-destruction code.

He tells her the company will not give him the code until they know Jane is in the house. Jane then has to quickly run to the door under the house without being shot at by Mary.

She barely makes it to the door and gets inside. She can hear her children still screaming being tortured in their bathrooms.

Jane struggles to call her husband to get the destruction code because of the intense heat inside the house. Mary had made it around 108 degrees inside which causes Jane to become light headed.

Jane dials her husband’s number and gives him the panel system number. He enters the panel number into the smart house distress website. Her husband gains access to the destruction code, but struggles to tell Jane because she can barely hear him over the sirens Mary is still blasting.

Jane is able to make out the numbers her husband is saying and enters 5678 into the system.  After that, the system sparks and bursts into flames. She finally has destroyed the smart house and the children are released.

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