Black Mirror Reflection: Life is But a Dream

By Chloe Dwyer

In the near future, a new social media platform with profiles similar to Instagram or Twitter is invented. Everyone’s profile posts footage of a person’s dream. The dreams are live-streamed as you are dreaming them, posted to your profile, and permanently displayed without the option to be deleted.

The app would only work by having a chip inserted in your head, similarly to the episode “Playtest.” This chip pairs with the app and provides consented use of all the user’s dreams.

Why would anyone do that you might wonder? In this episode, the people who have profiles on this app are so interested in seeing other people’s dreams, they are willing to take the risk. The characters all feel confident their profile will not be the one with dreams that will humiliate them. They are in the mindset of “That would never happen to me…”

The episode gets interesting once the app cause tension in peoples’ real life relationships. Some characters’ biggest secrets are exposed in their dreams. Even though they’re fictional clips, the app makes them seem so realistic it takes a huge toll on people’s well-being.

Since “Black Mirror” tends to take a disturbing route, I can’t help but imagine this app would eventually cause extreme violence in people’s interactions. The episode would probably end in people starting to get so overwhelmed with their dreams being shared, they become delusional and not able to establish between reality and dreams.

I imagine someone having a ferocious dream about murdering someone and being so mentally unwell that they turn the dream into a reality and murder that same person in real-life.

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