Black Mirror Reflection: iPhone Z

By Madisyn Martin

Samantha, a reserved but spunky 19-year-old, keeps to herself but lets loose with her friends. Cole, the same age, is the lead singer of a grunge band that plays in local venues around his college town.  Samantha lives in Florida, and Cole lives in California.

Although they do not know each other, they grew up with the same lifestyle in wealthy households. They are very privileged, but it is not obvious by looking at them. They are the two main characters the episode will follow.

When the iPhone Z comes out, Samantha and Cole are each selected to be the first to own the new phone (along with other similar people around the world, but the episode only follows Sam and Cole).

The company reaches out to each person individually and tells them they will send the phone free of charge. The screen will show clips of different rich kids around the world opening their iPhone Zs from the mail. Their explanation is that they are doing a “trial run” before the release of the iPhone to study how college kids interact with the phones, which features are used the most, which are not, etc.

What the company doesn’t tell them is that they have been watching them and have selected only people that are exactly like them for the experiment.

The way they explain the trial to unsuspecting college students seems innocent (just like with any other “Black Mirror” episode). Before they mail the phones off, they put trackers, facial scanners and other advanced technology features in them.  They have been working on this wicked experiment for a long time.

When the students receive their phones, they are told to use them just as they always have. But, little do they know, the company is constantly watching their entire life play out through the phone screen.

The facial recognition feature can scan any face and learn everything about them. The touch ID accesses all the nerves and emotions of the person who uses it. The people responsible for this experiment learn everything about Sam and Cole’s lives and all the personal information of the people they are close with.

The company has footage of every single event that happens in their lives — even intimate things such as therapy sessions, their private lives and their deepest, darkest secrets. The company begins sending them videos and voice recordings of all the things they have invaded in their lives. They use these things against them and blackmail them to draw others into their dark scheme.

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