Black Mirror Reflection: iBrain

By Lexie Harper

Over the years, Google and other search engines have been an outlet for people to get information about anything in the world in seconds. This has made people dependent on instant answers. Before the internet and search engines, a lot of information was unknown or took longer periods of time to find.

This episode is about a new technology that changes the world and affects peoples lives and jobs. This episode will be called iBrain. A chip that is inserted into a person’s brain that transforms their brain into an automatic Google search.

The person no longer has to search things on Google to find information. All they have to do is think it, and there is the answer. This takes instant answers to a whole new level.

The main character’s name is Lucy. She is a freshman in high school and has always enjoyed reading about new technology. She heard about iBrain and was very intrigued.

She researched it a lot before mentioning it to her parents. She got her faddish of love for new technology from her dad, so he was on board with it. She gets the iBrain inserted, and her life is changed forever.

She begins telling her friends, then those friends tell their friends, and it becomes a ripple effect of people wanting to try this new technology. Kids begin dropping out of school, because why would they need to be in school when they have access to all information.

More kid’s parents are signing their kids up for iBrain. There is even a waiting list. Although this is great invention, it causes teachers to lose their jobs, because if there are no students in school, there is no need for teachers.

Not only does this invention take away jobs from teachers, but the company that invented iBrain eventually starts taking over peoples’ brains and the way they think. Some people become violent and kill others. This company takes over the world one insertion at a time.

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