Black Mirror Reflection: Human Contact

By Avery Bowman

What are the effects of isolation due to technological advancement? With technology that allows everything to be delivered to your door, online school becoming more common, and more jobs being worked online at home, if things keep moving forward, people will lose casual human contact.

The episode is set years from now. The main character is a female who gets her groceries and other necessities delivered by a drone, goes to online graduate school, and works off of her computer to make a living.

She is a depressed person who deals with a lot of lonlieness without being able to label this feeling. Although her life is convenient, it lacks everything life is about.

She later realizes she is sick, and it is not something her virtual doctor has been able to successfully diagnose. She has to find one of the only hospitals running on an in-person basis.

When she gets there, she has extreme anxiety with every person she passes, and has the feeling everyone around her feels just as uncomfortable as she does. She is eventually asked back by a doctor, and as she has a hard time describing her symptoms.

He allows her to type what she is thinking as he reads it. The doctor diagnoses her with clinical depression and says it is the leading cause of death in America now. She didn’t know this, but the doctor explains that the cause is likely due to lack of human contact.

He prescribes her three months of rehab that allows for human socializing, community eating, and activities with other people in the program.

The episode ends with the woman walking into the rehab, which looks like what we would classify as a normal environment. Terrified, she walks in and sits down with multiple people. They all stare at each other and wonder what to do next.

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