Black Mirror Reflection: Heaven or Hell

By Madison Edenfield

Nicole Kidman would play the main woman and Alexander Skarsgard would play the man. The technology being used is augmented reality to create everyone’s personal heaven and hell. Depending on what kind of person you were while you were alive depends on what kind of augmented reality you end up with for the rest of your life.

A man and a woman are fighting in the car. The man starts screaming at her and grabbing her hair. They’re driving across a bridge while he continues screaming. He punches the woman in the face, and you see headlights heading straight for the car. Glass shatters, and you see both lurch forward. The scene goes black.

The woman wakes up in her childhood living room. It’s Christmas morning, and she’s sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a huge Christmas tree. Her little sister is ripping open a present next to her, and her parents are sitting on the couch with cups of coffee in their hands.

The sun is rising through the window and light peaks into the room. She looks down at herself and sees that she’s in a matching pajama set that she and her sister wore every Christmas. Her parents kneel down next to her and hand her a small box. She slowly opens it, vaguely recognizing the packaging. Inside is the ring she is currently wearing. Her parents beam down at her, and her dad puts the ring on her finger. The ring she is wearing slowly fades away as it is replaced.

The same man in the car is now in a corner of a kitchen. It’s dark, and you see a shadow lingering over him. Glass shatters near his head, and he starts crying. A hand rips him from the ground.

A woman is standing behind a table crying and screaming at the man who has the child in his grip. The man screams at the kid and shakes him. You see the man drag the child upstairs and throw him into a room. The door slams, and the scene changes.

The scene changes to a white room with people dressed in white sitting in chairs, headsets strapped to them. People in white lab coats wander around the room and monitor the people in the chairs. Then you see the man and the woman from the beginning strapped to chairs but sitting next to each other. The woman is smiling, and the man has tears streaming down his face.

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