Black Mirror Reflection: Faking It

Faking It
By T’aja Cameron

Anne is the definition of a pretty girl. She is popular, skinny and loved. She has been pretty since she was a kid, but her vanity led to multiple surgeries that made her waist smaller, her nose thinner, gave her fuller lips and bigger breasts. It is no surprise that she is an influencer, and that is what she lives for.

She takes pictures of herself when exercising, eating, and all the places she goes to. Anne gets free stuff from multiple brands and receives various gifts from her fans. She feels loved and accepted and erases any picture that gets less than 10,000 likes.

Of course, this popularity comes with a price. She has stopped going to the movies with her friends, doesn´t talk to her parents anymore, and hasn’t seen her roommate for at least six months. All her social interaction is pictures and comments, and that’s what she spends her time doing.

One day, Anne decides to make the ultimate love test. She plans to stage her own death just to see how many people will show up to her funeral. It is only a prank, she says, but it is her ego she wants to feed. She stages her death and starts checking the reactions of her fans.

Multiple people declare that they were in love with her, many say they even cried and made posts about her on their own social media. She smiles at her phone finding out that it is the day where she had the most comments and shares. But when she arrives at her funeral, it is empty. Only her mother sits  there crying next to her picture. She finds out that all her media followers and fans are only there, in the posts, in the likes.

After finding out that her life is just a lie, Anne runs away confused and sad. You can see her at the end sitting in the tub staring at the water. But when the camera gets closer, you see that the water has turned red with blood as she still holds her phone under the water.

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