Black Mirror Reflection: Every Breath You Take

Every Breath You Take
By Julia Wickes

 This episode follows the main character, Georgie. Some would say she is a gossip and is always talking about those around her. She knows everyone’s secrets, but what she doesn’t know is a private group is recording every word she says through the microphone of her phone. Even when she is not using technology, technology is using her.

One day, while discussing the latest scandal on her college campus to her best friend, Amelia, Georgie hears some heavy breathing on the line. Georgie thinks it is just Amelia, but she is wrong. A member of the group recording Georgie is actively listening to the gossip and has intentions of using it to ruin Georgie.

The group is gathering everything said by Georgie to broadcast her across the campus. Their goal is to make her have no social standing. They want to try her for her words being used to hurt others through the gossip and ridicule she spreads.

The group is called, Breath, because they have been recording every breath and every word uttered by Georgie. The leader of the group is Georgie’s freshman roommate, Katherine, who was ruined socially by Georgie through her gossip.

Once all the evidence of gossip and scandal that Georgie spoke in the vicinity of her phone was comprised, Katherine and her Breath group were set to broadcast it on social media and the speakers across campus. They want to make sure everyone knows who Georgie is and what she’s saying about them. They want to take away her power and use the ability to hack into the microphone of her phone to gain evidence and ammo to end the era of Georgie gossiping in such a way that makes people lower in social standing.

When this is broadcast across the social media, it is picked up by news stations and other social media accounts. The whole world knows about the damage that Georgie did to other’s social reputation and are out with fire to ruin hers. Georgie’s apartment becomes swarmed with strangers who declare that she does not deserve the right to breathe for the things she said. They become violent and are determined to hang her so that she can have her breath taken from her.

Georgie dies and society feels like justice has been achieved. However, they remain in fear of being next and having their breath and words recorded.

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