Black Mirror Reflection: Easy Place

Easy Place
By Logan Alpe

As humans, we have a somewhat natural want for more. We have seen how useful and creative technology can be, but also naturally we are not satisfied.  What would happen if everything went virtual? What if there was a once in a lifetime glitch in the system, and everything was shut down?

Life is good in the world; technology is booming and creating a convenient and practical life.  In this episode of “Black Mirror” we focus on a city called Easy Place.

The name of the city very much reflects the everyday life that it encompasses.  Everywhere you look there is technology and nothing natural. The trees are holograms, the birds are robotic, and even the streets move right under your feet.

There are no pesky insects thanks to the permanent insect barrier very high in the sky. There are only smart houses and buildings where everything comes to you, such as food, water, merchandise, and maybe even work or services.  If it can’t come to you, sit back and let your motorized, street legal, pod take you there.

As you can see, no one has taken care of themselves in ages; thanks to the new way of living no one has to. One day, one of the robotic rodents somehow gets lodged in the moving street, which causes the whole thing to come to a halt.  This immediate break causes a shutdown of every piece of technology in this city.

Since the world has been this way for so long, no one knows how to respond or how to take care of themselves. We follow one particular family through the whole time of chaos. They run out of food, they must learn to walk, and they must learn to help each other and those around them.  They must learn how to communicate and function all over again.

Eventually the problem is fixed, but something strange happens. Instead of retaining the skills that were learned, all the people go back to the routine as if nothing had ever happened.

This episode would reflect how easy it is to be caught up with the ease of technology and having essentially everything at your fingertips.  We rely much on technology throughout the day, but what would happen if we were without it for a day or so?

The day might be hectic, we might have to adjust how we do certain tasks, and we might have to have confrontations that were previously avoided by looking at our phones.  We would eventually adjust, but as soon as we get our phones back, or whatever other device aids us, we will go right back to the way we behaved before.

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