Black Mirror Reflection: Dying to Live

By Addison Ball

In my episode of “Black Mirror,” scientists have found a cure for aging. They have found medicine that prevents people from aging on the outside and inside. Although people cannot age, they can still die from disease and physical damage.

If they live their lives carefully, and don’t take risks, they will live a long and healthy life. If they live a risky life, they may die at an earlier age. This is the main problem with society. People are so obsessed with the idea of not dying, they don’t do anything risky.

As generations continue, people are leaving their houses less and less and becoming homebodies. This leads to a problem with overpopulation, and people continue to have children. This leads to a lack of resources.

The main character is a teenage boy named Ethan. He is an adrenaline junky who is tired of sitting around and not living life, even though his parents beg him to stay at home with them. Ethan is aware of how leaving home could ultimately lead to his death, but he craves the feeling of euphoria.

In his frustration, Ethan recalls something a classmate said to him about drugs. He thinks that if he experiments with low level drugs, he will get the feeling of euphoria he yearns for, while staying safe inside of his house.

These drugs are the only thing that distracts him from the terrible and lifeless world outside. They help him escape reality and make him feel better than just sitting at home. As time goes on, Ethan begins experimenting with more risky drugs to get the same feeling of euphoria, and becomes a regular junkie.

The last scene of the story is Ethan overdosing on drugs, and his parents try to help him, but they don’t call 911 or take him to a hospital because they are too afraid of the outside world.


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