Black Mirror Reflection: Dreamador

By Alicia Watts

In the year of 2030, the Dreamador was invented, which is a brain implant that has to be surgically inserted, and it is a device where people are able to record their dreams when they are asleep and watch them the next day. The Dreamador was invented to increase life expectancy and to force a routine sleep schedule.

Claire Young has volunteered to be the first test trial for the Dreamador.  Like everything, the Dreamador comes with side effects. When replaying dreams from the next day, you are forced to watch your nightmares from the previous night, and it feels as if this is your reality. The dreams and nightmares are so vivid and realistic, Claire has trouble figuring out what is real life and what is just a dream.

Claire has been having dreams of the same guy appearing as her perfect husband living in a perfect world, and Claire has now come to believe this imaginary character, Carter, is real.

She re-watches her dreams on repeat for the majority of her day until she can go to sleep and see Carter again. Claire has convinced herself that she is married, and she is often seen talking to herself in public.

Claire goes to the extent to send out wedding invitations to all of her friends and family. On the day of the wedding, all of friends and family show up to Claire’s wedding only to think that this is just all a sick joke. Not knowing that Claire has the Dreamador installed, everyone at the wedding thinks Claire has gone mentally insane.

They send Claire to the hospital concerned for her stability, and the doctors remove her Dreamador implants. Claire wakes in an extreme panic in the hospital, and she tries to play her dreams from being asleep and soon realizes her implant has been removed.

Claire’s doctor rushes into Claire’s room hearing her scream. That is when Claire realizes that her doctor is the same guy that has been in her dreams, Carter.

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