Black Mirror Reflection: Designer Babies

By Haleigh Hurt

Today is May 4. At this time, exactly two years ago, I was standing under an arbor in a long, white dress looking into the eyes of my now-husband, vowing that we’d be together forever. This anniversary is special, and the anticipation of the pressing conversation that we both know is coming gives me butterflies in my stomach. Finally! I thought. We get to pick out our baby.

Ron and I walk out to the car, where we are greeted by Chance, our chauffeur. I’m extremely fond of Chance. Though he is all-natural, his quick-witted humor and politeness charmed me instantly. It’s a shame his parents were peasants. Chance could’ve been a successful addition to the Advanced Society. The unfortunate soul drives us to the Designer Babies LLC facility, where an enchanting blonde greets us and takes us directly into a confidential room.

“Thank you for choosing DB, and congratulations on taking the first step to start your family! We’ve reviewed your file, Mr. and Mrs. Stone, and are extremely impressed that you won’t even need to be on a payment plan. Looks like your parents chose correctly on your intelligence spectrum, Mr. Stone,” she says jokingly. “Follow the basic instructions on this tablet to get started. Remember, once selected, nothing is reversible. Choose wisely, and good luck!”

As soon as the greeter closed the door, Ron and I shared a look. Hearts pounding, we began customizing the newest addition to our family. Swiping left to see different physical characteristics was the easy part. However, trying to keep the intelligence spectrum high while also maintaining above standard social levels is tricky and vital.

The Smiths chose their youngest child’s levels too high on intelligence, leaving him off-balance, and he couldn’t function in the real world. Eventually, he was cast out of Advanced Society and was forced to complete common chores like the rest of the peasants.

It was traumatizing for the whole society, and reminded Ron and I how crucial it is to take our time. After a four-hour rigorous process, we have customized the most darling girl. Ron even paid the extra fee to have her expedited, meaning we could have our newest addition as soon as one month.

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