Black Mirror Reflection: Conspiracy

By Michael Diggs

My episode of “Black Mirror” would be structured like a police drama to set it apart from other episodes. I imagine it being similar to the early episodes of “Psycho Pass.”

The episode’s theme would be around modern journalism and the rise of conspiracy sites that have been given more credence in society. In the episode, the investigative department teams with a few industry insiders in the journalism field to track down the owners of a popular news/conspiracy site.

While the outlet had been protected by First Amendment laws, the site changed because of an agitated political climate. The host ended up promoting many events that were intended to become violent, and he spread false information to misinform his followers and had them target certain public figures.

The episode would have some similar points and factors as “Black Mirror’s” first episode, “The National Anthem,” like the fragility of confidential information. Social media would be a big part of the episode that is explored, such as the way people can be manipulated through it and how crowds can target individuals with social media.

Someone would leak the current investigation to social media, and it would quickly spread. This would cause conflict because the host would know that the police force is after him, and his audience would try to impede and disrupt the investigation.

Another subject that would be discussed is the nature of freedom of the press and how it applies to “fake news.” Libel and slander have always been debated terms, and the survival of the tabloid industry in the digital age shows loopholes have been found and exploited.

A related note that might be hit would be the relation between power and information (even if that information is false.) The matter of whether or not the police force’s decision in arresting the host is right or wrong will be left up to the viewer, and one justification for their actions will be that, while these conspiracy sites didn’t have much power in the past, the heated climate has given them more power, which they have begun to use in an irresponsible manner.

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